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Policy on POSTERS during IPrA Conferences

IPrA strongly encourages submitting papers for poster presentations.

Past experience with poster sessions has been very good: they provide more opportunities for feedback and personal contacts than oral lectures. Posters can stay up for the whole duration of the conference, and a poster period is programmed during which there is no competition with any other conference events.

Moreover, while research presented in lectures is expected to have been completed or at least to be in full progress, poster presentations also lend themselves to expositions of a clear research design, thus providing opportunities for discussion in the early stages of a project. 

The maximum space available for posters at International Pragmatics Conferences is usually  size A0 (= 841 x 1189 mm).

Best student poster IPrA2017
The  'best student poster award' during the 15th International Pragmatics Conference went to:
Avril Verhelst
Ingroup/outgroup creation across activity types in interaction with elders: a case study in a Flemish nursing home
Here is another sample of what you can do with a poster ...