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A new IPrA website is now available. Please check it out at https://pragmatics.international

Registering as a member or renewing your membership is only possible on the new site!
To (re)register as an IPrA member for the first time on the new website you click ‘REGISTER’ (at the very top of the opening page), after which you will be asked, in consecutive steps,

  •  to choose the membership category you belong to (the categories are the same as before)
  • to fill in a user name of your choice + your personal name and your family name (or, alternatively, to link through your Facebook or LinkedIn profile)
  • to complete a form asking some basic information (obligatory fields indicated with an asterisk)
  • to submit your data
  • to proceed to a payment module (where you will get the choice between payment by credit card or to be billed)
  • to add a donation, if you wish to do so, to support colleagues without access to the necessary financial means or to contribute to the John J. Gumperz Memorial Fund

      When going through this process, you will receive (i) an automated message saying that your registration has been received (with a link to your invoice), and (ii) as soon as payment has been processed (immediately when paying with a credit card, or later if you choose to get billed and to make a bank transfer) a second message with a link to a receipt. For your convenience, make sure to retrieve and store these documents.

Please keep in mind that membership is a requirement for submitting proposals and abstracts for the 16th International Pragmatics Conference – a process that has been started (with a first deadline on 1 June 2018 -- now extended to 4 June -- and all others to follow on 15 October 2018).

Online access to Pragmatics is no longer open through this website. Members are invited to (re)register on the new website as soon as possible.