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List of members
The list below contains all scholars who were registered as members of the International Pragmatics Association in October 2017. At the request of colleagues objecting to the easy accessibility of e-mail addresses and home addresses on the internet, we are leaving them out of this list. An address will only be given if an institutional one is available (in the form entered into the data base by the member him/herself).
  • Anyone interested in the International Pragmatics Association becomes an active member, entitled to all membership benefits, upon payment of membership fees. Membership is always for the calendar year in which the application and payment are made. Use the membership application module of this site.
  • A significant number of non-paying members, enjoying full membership benefits, are admitted from countries with severe currency restrictions. They are sponsored with donations from other members. Membership in this category can only be applied for by writing to Ann Verhaert (ann.verhaert@uantwerpen.be). 


IPrA will launch a completely new website on Thursday 1 February 2018.
Until then membership applications and membership renewals are not possible.
Instructions for application and renewal will be communicated in time.
Keep in mind that renewals are expected before the end of February in order for you not to lose access to the latest issues of Pragmatics, and to be ready for submissions for the Hong Kong edition of the International Pragmatics Conferences.

Membership benefits
Membership includes:
  • a subscription to Pragmatics: Quarterly Publication of the International Pragmatics Association (600 pp. per year, issues due in March, June, September, December); as of 2009 members have access to the online version; paper copies can be obtained at extra expense
  • the right to vote on all issues pertaining to the life of the Association, as stipulated in the IPrA Constitution 
  • access to the facilities of the IPrA Research Center / Antwerp Center for Pragmatics
  • the right to submit abstracts for participation in the International Pragmatics Conferences and, upon acceptance of the abstract, the right to present the accepted paper during the conference
Important note: membership is valid only for the calendar year during which you become a member (or renew your membership), even if this is already late in the year; for that year you will always get access to the publications you are entitled to, though there may be a significant delay for paper copies (even into the next year) if your application is very late (e.g. if you wait until the time of abstract submission for a conference)  Other membership benefits:
  • Special offer on the online versions of the Handbook of Pragmatics and the Bibliography of Pragmatics
  • discount on the Journal of Pragmatics, Elsevier (for more information visit: www.elsevier.com/locate/pragma  or contact JournalCustomerService-usa@elsevier.com or JournalsCustomerServiceEMEA@elsevier.com  
  • 30 % discount on any volume from the series Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, Studies in Language and Social Interaction, Human Cognitive Processing, Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture, Dialogue Studies and Studies in Narrative by John Benjamins (Philadelphia/Amsterdam), and a low price for individual subscriptions (including access to the online editions) to their journals Pragmatics and Society, Pragmatics & Cognition, Journal of Historical Pragmatics, Journal of Language and Politics, Narrative Inquiry, Studies in Chinese Language & Discourse, Language & Dialogue, Spanish in Context, Topics in Humor Research, and Gesture, as well as to the Handbook of Pragmatics (full information from www.benjamins.com, customer.services@benjamins.nl). Note the SPECIAL OFFER on personal subscriptions to the Handbook of Pragmatics online and Bibliography of Pragmatics online.
  • various discounts on personal subscriptions to the Cambridge University Press journals Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, Applied Psycholinguistics, Journal of Child Language, Language in Society, Language Variation and Change, Studies in Second Language Acquisition (for information on these journals: http://www.cup.org/)
  • a discount on personal subscriptions to The International Journal of Bilingualism, Kingston Press (contact Kingstonpress@compuserve.com)
  • a discount on personal subscriptions to the Journal of Sociolinguistics, Blackwell (details from jnlinfo@blackwellpublishers.co.uk)
  • a discount on  personal subscriptions to the De Gruyter Mouton journals Journal of Politeness Research , Intercultural Pragmatics  and TEXT & TALK (formerly TEXT) (Contact: http://www.degruyter.com/dg/page/127/general-inquiries )
  • 25% discount on personal subscriptions to the Routledge journal Critical Discourse Studies (full information at http://www.tandfonline.com/action/pricing?journalCode=rcds20 and from Customer Services at subscriptions@tandf.co.uk
  • 25% discount on personal subscriptions to the Equinox journal East Asian Pragmatics (full information at http://www.equinoxpub.com/journals/index.php/EAP/index; contact Subscription Customer Services Manager Yvonne Nazareth at ynazareth@equinoxpub.com)
  • 25% discount from Brill on available titles from the series Studies in Pragmatics (www.brill.com/sip , please quote discount code 70127)  and Current Research in the Pragmatics/Semantics Interface (www.brill.com/crispi , please quote discount code 70128
  • 25% discount on the Brill journal International Review of Pragmatics (www.brill.com/irp; personal subscription for 2016, two issues, for Euro 51, please quote discount code 70283)
  • 25% discount on all titles from Equinox that can be found at https://www.equinoxpub.com/home/; the discount code to be entered during the ordering process is LINGUISTICS
To make use of the above discounts, present proof of membership with your order, which has to be placed directly with the publishers.
Membership categories and fees
There are two categories of fee-paying members:
  • Regular members paying full membership fees; this category includes everyone who does not fit one of the descriptions below.
  • Discount members (enjoying the same benefits); the following may apply for such reduced-rate membership:
  1. Students (proof of student status is requested; doctoral students holding any academic or teaching position are excluded from this category)
  2. Citizen-residents of countries with serious currency restrictions (a list is provided in the membership application module of this site; exceptionally, this status may also be granted to citizen-residents of countries that are not on the list)
  3. Unemployed scholars
  4. Retired scholars
  5. Spouses of other members paying full membership fees

Rates are in Euro (€)..
Membership fees:

Regular membership fees 2016, with online access to Pragmatics

     € 80.--   

Regular membership fees 2016, online + paper copy of Pragmatics

€ 110.--

Discount membership fees 2016

     € 40.--  

In addition to fee-paying members, a number of non-paying members from countries with serious currency restrictions are sponsored with donations from other members.

If you experience technical problems related to the interactive functioning of our web-based membership and conference management system, click here or 'Help' in the left-hand column of this page.