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Membership categories and fees
There are two categories of fee-paying members:
  • Regular members paying full membership fees; this category includes everyone who does not fit one of the descriptions below.
  • Discount members (enjoying the same benefits); the following may apply for such reduced-rate membership:
  1. Students (proof of student status is requested; doctoral students holding any academic or teaching position are excluded from this category)
  2. Citizen-residents of countries with serious currency restrictions (a list is provided in the membership application module of this site; exceptionally, this status may also be granted to citizen-residents of countries that are not on the list)
  3. Unemployed scholars
  4. Retired scholars
  5. Spouses of other members paying full membership fees

Rates are in Euro (€)..
Membership fees:

Regular membership fees 2016, with online access to Pragmatics

     € 80.--   

Regular membership fees 2016, online + paper copy of Pragmatics

€ 110.--

Discount membership fees 2016

     € 40.--  

In addition to fee-paying members, a number of non-paying members from countries with serious currency restrictions are sponsored with donations from other members.

If you experience technical problems related to the interactive functioning of our web-based membership and conference management system, click here or 'Help' in the left-hand column of this page.