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Library subscriptions : PRAGMATICS: Quarterly Publication of the International Pragmatics Association

A subscription to Pragmatics is automatically included in individual membership in the International Pragmatics Association. See membership benefits.

Library orders (beginning 2017) should be sent to: 

JOHN BENJAMINS PUBLISHING COMPANY, Subscriptions Dept. • P.O. Box 36224 • NL 1020 ME AMSTERDAM • The Netherlands • Fax: +31 20 6739773


subscriptions [at] benjamins.nl 

ISSN: 1018-2101 - E-ISSN: 2406-4238
Volumes per year: 1 (ca. 600 pp.)
Frequency: Quarterly (issues due in March, June, September, December) 
First year of publication: 1991 
Language: English 
Subject area: Pragmatics (the social, cultural, and cognitive study of language and communication); interdisciplinary, with interests touching psychology, sociology, anthropology and philosophy. 

Rates per volume (valid from 2017) 

Libraries and Institutions                  Private subscriptions (without IPrA membership)

❑ eur 177.00 (online-only)              ❑ eur  80.00 (online-only)

❑ eur 192.00 (print + online)           ❑ eur  85.00 (print + online)

All prices for print + online include postage/handling.

The following is still valid through the end of 2016:

Please note that IP-access to PRAGMATICS online is now available for subscribing libraries and institutions. The subscription covers online access without extra cost.

The relevant IP-addresses can be sent to Ann Verhaert at ann.verhaert [at] ua.ac.be

Please note the following restrictions on format:

·       We can only accept IP-addresses in the following formats in which N stands for a number with one, two, or three digits, in which N-N indicates a range of such numbers, and * stands for a range from 0 to 255:


· We can accept a maximum of TEN such addresses or address ranges for a library.