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IPrA Research Center (IRC)
The IPrA Research Center (IRC) was operated at the University of Antwerp from 1986 until 2016, when it merged with the Center for Grammar, Cognition and Typology to form the new research group Grammar and Pragmatics (GaP)

For more details about the scope of the research activities under the label of 'pragmatics', also as continued under the umbrella of GaP, read the Introduction in the Handbook of Pragmatics online.

Some of the activities of the IPrA Research Center, partly continued under the umbrella of GaP, are mentioned explicitly in the IPrA Constitution; these all involve people from outside the University of Antwerp as well as from inside. These include: For current information, go to the Grammar and Pragmatics (GaP) website.
Former and affiliated researchers
·        Kaspar Beelen (History Dept)
·        Jan Blommaert (University of  Tilburg); former co-editor of the Handbook of Pragmatics
·        Adriana Bolívar (University of Caracas, Venezuela); former co-editor of Pragmatics
·        Charles Briggs (Univ. of California at Berkeley); former co-editor of Pragmatics
·        Chris Bulcaen (University of Ghent); former co-editor of the Handbook of Pragmatics 
·        Eric Caers (Law Faculty)
·        Jonathan Clifton (Université de Vincennes)
·        Helge Daniëls (University of Leuven)
·        Sigurd D'hondt (University of Ghent)
·        Gino Eelen
·        Yoko Fujii (Japan Women's University, Tokyo); co-editor Pragmatics
·        Isabel Gomez Diez (UC Louvain)
·        Helmut Gruber (Univ. of Vienna); editor-in-chief of Pragmatics
·        Patricia Haegeman (University of Ghent)
·        Geert Jacobs (University of Ghent)
·        Gilberte Lenaerts (University of Göteborg)
·        Sophia Marmaridou (Univ. of Athens); co-editor Pragmatics
·        Rosina Marquez Reiter (University of Surrey); co-editor Pragmatics
·        Michael Meeuwis (University of Ghent); co-editor of the Bibliography of Pragmatics
·        Liesbeth Michiels
·        Jan-Ola Östman (University of Helsinki); co-editor of the Handbook of Pragmatics
·        Eva Palmans
·        Stefanie Peeters (Thomas More Kempen)
·        Katja Pelsmaeckers (Fac of Applied Economics)
·        Yunlong Qiu (Northeast Normal university, Changchun, China)
·        Vincent Scheltiens (History Dept)
·        Gunter Senft (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen); former editor-in-chief of Pragmatics
·        Kim Sleurs (Xios, Hasselt)
·        Dorien Van de Mieroop (University of Leuven
·        Tine Van Hecke (Law Faculty)
·        Tom Van Hout (Fac of Applied Economics)
·        Luuk Van Waes (Fac of Applied Economics)
·        Eline Versluys (Médecins sans frontières, Kinshasa); former editorial assistant Handbook of Pragmatics
·        Debra Ziegeler (Singapore)

Over the past ten to fifteen years, many visiting researchers from all over the world have spent varying periods of time (ranging from days to years) at the IPrA Research Center. They include:
·        Ágnes Abuczki (Debrecen) [February, 2011]
·        Esther Alcalà (Madrid) [3 months, 2004]
·        Ana Ameal-Guerra (Vigo) [3 weeks in 1999]
·        Monica Aznárez (Canberra) [6  months, 2008]
·        Alexa Bódog (Debrecen) [January/February 2011]
·        Teresa Carbó (Mexico City) [3 months in 1998]
·        Paul Chilton (Birmingham) [1 month in 1999]
·        Mihaela-Viorica Constantinescu (Bucharest) [1 month in 2015]
·        Jenny Cook-Gumperz [5 weeks, 2008]
·        Carmen Curcó (Mexico City) [1 year, 2006-2007]
·        Jurgita Cvilikaite (Kaunas, Lithuania) [6 months, 2005]
·        Irene Fonte [6 months in the 1990's]
·        John Gumperz [3 months in the 1990's; 5 weeks, 2008]
·        Monica Heller (Toronto) [3 months in 2000]
·        'Daisy' Jiang Hui (Tianjin/Beijing) [6 months, 2006-2007]
·        Monika Kopytowska (Lodz) [2 months, 2003, and on several occasions since then]
·        Maria Ivana Lorenzetti (Verona) [16-17 September 2008]
·        Ruta Marcinkeviciene (Kaunas) [on a regular basis since 2003]
·        Luisa Martín Rojo (Madrid) [ca. 2 years in the 1990's]
·        Todd Nicewonger (Columbia Univ., New York) [1 year and 4 months, 2006-2007]
·        Anabella Niculescu (Romanian Academy, Bucharest) [2 weeks in August 2013]
·        Inés Olza (Pamplona) [3 months in 2006, 3 months in 2007]
·        Jan-Ola Östman (Helsinki) [on a regular basis]
·        Mihaela Pasat (Timisoara) [6 months in the 1990's]
·        Gabriela Prego-Vázquez (A Corunha) [2 months in 2004]
·        Guanlian Qian (Guangzhou) [3 months in the 1990's]
·        Judith Rochecouste (Melbourne) [2 weeks in 2009]
·        Florencia Salvarezza (Buenos Aires) [1 year in the 1990's]
·        Marina Sbisà (Trieste) [on a regular basis in the 1990's]
·        Christina Schäffner (Birmingham) [1 month in 2000]
·        Magdalena Steciag (Zielona Gora) [1 week in October 2014]
·        Alessandro Tavano (Trieste) [1 year in the 1990's]
·        Jerzy Tomaszczyk (Lodz) [1 week in 2012]
·        Jeroen Vermeulen (Utrecht) [1 year in the 1990's]
·        Julia Vrablova (Bratislava) [6 months in 2013]
·        Rod Watson (Manchester) [6 months in the 1990's]
·        Iwona Witczak-Plisiecka (Lodz) [1 week in September 2010]
·        Sue Wright (Birmingham) [1 month in 2002]
·        Bingzhang Wu (Qingdao) [September 2013 to July 2014]
·        Saïda Yahya-Othman (Dar es Salaam) [2 months in the 1990's]
·        Igor Zagar (Ljubljana) [1 year and 6 months in the 1990's, 1 week in 2011]