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Forthcoming meetings

Note that the list below is not systematically updated, and that items are added on request only.

Much more comprehensive conference information can be found at all times at the LINGUIST LIST, where you can also, free of charge, place your own information about upcoming events.




September 16  2015


Antwerp, Belgium

Focus: present an interesting research field and two of the most important scholars who are promoting computational creativity among the research communities interested in natural language processing and generation.

Lecture 1: "Telling stories by putting narrative substance on image schemas" by Tony Veale (School of Computer Science and Informatics, University College Dublin).

Lecture 2: "In search of appropriate abstractions for the computational synthesis of narrative" by Pablo Gervás (Facultad de Informatica, Universidad Complutense de Madrid).


Contact: Walter Daelemans, CLiPS Research Director, and Giovanni Cassani, CLiPS responsible for Colloquia. Website:   http://www.clips.uantwerpen.be/colloquia/computational-story-generation 





March 16-18  2016


Pamplona, Spain

Focus: exploring the different ways in which reflexivity and critique can be deployed in order to shape (our understandings of) selves, discourses, and societies in meaningful ways. To this end, the conference hopes to bring together researchers interested in (a) the role of reflexivity and critique in the study of discourse and/or in (b) the role of reflexivity and critique play in the social realities we investigate.

The use of language and other multimodal and symbolic systems of communication requires some degree of reflexive awareness. This reflexive awareness allows us to criticize our own discourses as well as the discourses of others. Without it, scientific, cultural and political debate could not take place. In some ways, all language users perform critical and less critical modes of discourse analysis on a daily basis. We would not be able to imagine alternative worlds if we were unable to make use of the reflexive potential of our systems of communication.

Reflexivity and critique take many forms  and perform many functions. It is this multiplicity that we seek to address during this conference. Below you may find a non-exclusive list of potential topics for papers. Both theoretical and empirical contributions are welcome.

Topics: Theorizing reflexivity and critique; investigating reflexivity and  critique in discourse studies; epistemological issues in reflexivity; cognitive and affective markers or reflexivity and critique; reflexivity and critique in identiy discourse; reflexivity and critique in literary and artistic discourse; reflexivity and critique in academic discourse; reflexivity and critique in journalistic discourse; reflexivity and critique in political discourse; reflexivity, critique, and discourse in a technological age; hegemony, reflexivity and critique.

Abstract deadline: October 31st  2015.

Notification: November 30th 2015.


Contact: dn17@unav.es   and website: http://www.discourseanalysis.net/wiki.php?wiki=DiscourseNet%2017%20-%20Reflexivity%20and%20critique%20in%20discourse::DN%2017%20-%20Reflexivity%20and%20Critique%20in%20Discourse