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Common log-in problems

To use this website javascript and in session cookies should be enabled in your internet browser.
If you don't see any text at the bottom of this page concerning javascript or cookies then you 'll have to activate javascript in your browser.
If you see that javascript is enabled and cookies are forbidden then you'll have to activate cookies .

A few other useful hints:
- For most interactive functions (such as conference abstract submission) you have to make use of your username (always identical to the email address you gave when becoming a member or when you last updated your profile) and the password you receive after becoming a member; you may (have) change(d) the password yourself to make it easier to remember.
- For membership renewal, only your user name is needed; if your account was disabled after the renewal deadline had passed, you will be issued a new password to be used for all other forms of interaction.
- Username is always identical to your email address (see above); so, if you use different email addresses, remember which one was put into the system.
- Passwords are case-sensitive.
- If you forgot your password, click 'Lost your password' in the left-hand column on the opening page of the website; you will then be asked to put in your e-mail address  and the password will be sent there; note that the e-mail address must be the one that identifies you in the system (i.e. that is used as your user name).

- Bookmarks you made of older IPrA websites may misdirect your browser; make sure to always use
http://ipra.ua.ac.be  -- you may want to remember this for future use (as obviously you do not have this problem now if you can read this).
- Some universities have institution-wide network settings that block log-in; your ICT-helpdesk may be able to solve the problem; if not, you may have to use a computer outside the network (e.g. at home, in which case you should also make sure not to be 'virtually on campus' through a vpn-connection).
- Some recent versions of internet browsers seem to require a second log-in when moving from the general IPrA site to the 'CONFERENCES' pages (even  after successful log-in at the general site).
[ If nothing else helps, try reinstalling your internet browser; this may restore interactive capabilities. Of course we underrstand that this may be too drastic a step, in which case we're always ready to help 'manually' if none of the above helps.]  

Problems with IP-access:

Sometimes institutions hide inner IP numbers as extra security; the IP numbers below are what is detected at our servers.
If you are entitled to IP-access to Pragmatics Online, and if access fails, please mail us these codes (ann.verhaert@uantwerpen.be).

IP detected: