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Earlier, at the IPrA Research Center, a series of lectures and informal presentations was organized under the label 'IPrA Forum'. 

18 November 2015 (15:00-17:00; R207) Marie Reetz, "Steeling mind and body" - Ideological Metaphors in Japan 1931-1945

2 October 2015 (14:00-17:00; R107):
Maarten FranckTranslating sports news for the world wide web
Valeria Sinkeviciute, “Reality is not events themselves but the talk about them”: Non-participants’ evaluations of jocularity
Bram VertommenSystematicity in multilingual speech: conceptual schemes, viewpoint aspect and topicality as determinants of code-switching
Fergal TreanorContextualisation - Inside out or outside in?

13 May 2015 (15:00-16:30; R106) Pedro GrasConstructional Pragmatics vs. Inferential Pragmatics: the "a ver si" construction in Spoken Spanish
3 April 2015 (15:00 - 16:30; R107) Bram VertommenSystematicity in multilingual speech: code-switching and shifts in conceptualization or perspective 
6 February 2015 (15:00 - 16:30; R106) Mihaela-Viorica Constantinescu (Romanian Academy/University of Bucharest, Romania), Evaluative and metapragmatic aspects of im/politeness in mid-19th century Romanian Principalities

24 October 2014 (15:00 - 16:30; R107) Jef VerschuerenPlotting meaning landscapes: the sequel
8 October 2014 (15:00 - 16:30; R107) Magdalena Steciag (University of Zielona Gora, Poland), Introduction to ecolinguistics: trends, theories, ideas
20 June 2014 (15:00 - 16:30; R106) Mian HuangChinese Irony from the Perspective of Stereotypical Relations
26 May 2014 (16:00-17:00; R006) Maarten FranckTranslating Sports News: a closer look at the interplay between international press agencies, the national news agency Belga, and Flemish news sites
16 May 2014 (16:30 - 18:00; R006) Jan-Ola Östman (Univ. of Helsinki), Authenticity, styling, and dialect representation in pop texts and in (slightly) extended media
16 May 2014 (15:00 - 16:30; R006) Yunlong QiuA Study of Uncoded Negation in Modern Mandarin Chinese Within the Framework of Pragmatic Adaptability (I)
21 March 2014 (15:00 - 16:30; R005) Jef VerschuerenPlotting meaning landscapes
14 March 2014 (15:00 - 16:30; R-Annexe) Marijana Sivric (University of Mostar),Gender stereotypes (occupations, humour and swearing)

15 November 2013 (15:00 - 16:30; R.106) Wu Bingzhang (Ocean University of China/University of Antwerp), The deliberation on strategies in language games
25 October 2013 (15:00 - 16:30; R.006) Heleen MercelisMirror mirror on the wall. Investigating heterosemiotic contrasts on Facebook

27 August 2013 (13:00 - 16:30, D.014) try-out presentations in preparation of the 13th International Pragmatics Conference, New Delhi, September 8-13:
Maarten FranckRecontextualizing and translating news coverage on DR Congo's 2011 elections in Belgium: An investigation of the role of the national news agency Belga
Petra Heyse‘Informed consent’ in theory and practice: Ethnographic reflections on the ethical agency of a researcher in the field
Valeria SinkeviciuteBackstage Impoliteness: 'Everything he says to me it’s like he stabs me in the face'
Bram VertommenCoherence in multilingual speech: Code-switching as a marker of pragmatic (as opposed to semantic) discourse relations
Jan ZienkowskiAn interpretive and functional heuristic for analysing large-scale political debates: The case of activist discourse on integration

14 June 2013 (15:00-16:30, R-Annexe), Fergal TreanorRational fairy tales: Narrative as rhetoric in German higher education policy
3 May 2013 (15:00-16:30, R005), Maarten FranckFrom agency coverage to online news: what does (not) change?
26 April 2013 (15:00-16:30, R005), Valeria SinkeviciuteWhen a joke’s a joke and when it’s too much: ‘Mateship’ as a key to interpreting jocular FTAs in ‘Big Brother’ Australia
19 April 2013 (15:00-16:30, R005), Julia VrablovaThe ‘schematic’ view of the Slovak language in political and linguistic discourse: Remarks on Slovak language policy
29 March 2013 (15:00-16:30, R005), Jef VerschuerenEthnography of communication and the pragmatics of history: The case of civilized belligerence
25 March 2013 (14:00-16:30, R006), Roel CoesemansMultimodal news discourse: Ideology, news values and critique
18 March 2013 (15:30-17:00, R006), Jan Zienkowski‘Integration’ in the political discourse of minorities
4 March 2013 (15:30-17:00, R006), Michiel Leezenberg (Universiteit van Amsterdam), The structural transformation of the coffeehouse: language ideologies and the emergence of national languages in the Ottoman empire
25 February 2013 (15:30-17:00, R006), Michael Meeuwis (Universiteit Gent),Language in post-apartheid South Africa
9 January 2013 (15:00-16:00, R207), Paul Bouissac (University of Toronto), Semiotics and society: The pragmatic turn

30 November 2012, (15:00-16:00, R207), Cihua Xu (Zhejiang University), Persuading with multimodal metaphor -- A case study from the perspective of an adaptability theory of pragmatics  
8 June 2012 (15:00-16:00; R-106), Peter Muntigl (UGent), Nodding to re-affiliate: Person-centred practices to repair misalignments in therapy
27 April 2012 (15:00-16:00; R-005), Petra Heyse,  Living imagined identities? A longitudinal analysis of the impact of online dating discourse on experienced identities of couples with one Belgian and one Russian-speaking partner
16 April 2012 (14:00-15:30; R006), Jerzy TomaszczykMetapragmatic effects in lexical development -- A study of Polish audiovisual media conversation
2 March 2012 (15:00-16:00; R-Annexe), Fergal TreanorPresuppositions and Persuasion in German Higher Education Policy Documents

16 December 2011 (15:00-16:00, S.R.107 ), Bram Vertommen (Univ. of Antwerp),seminar on information structure and code switching
9 December 2011 (15:00-16:00, S.R.107), Valeria Sinkeviciute (Univ of Antwerp/Vilnius Univ), seminar on politeness, impoliteness, teasing
18 November 2011 (15:00-16:00, S.R.107), Eva De Smedt (Free Univ of Brussels), guest seminar on power-in-interaction and political programs on TV
28 October 2011 (15:00-16:00, S.R.107 ), Nancy Decloux (Univ of Antwerp), seminar on polyphony and evidentiality in international flows of information
14 October 2011 (15:00-16:00, S.R.107), Maarten Franck (Univ of Antwerp/Artesis Univ College), From press release to news report: what’s translation got to do with it?
31 May 2011 (12:30-14:00, S.R.207), Yan Huang (University of Auckland, New Zealand), guest seminar on Binding/anaphora: Chomskyans vs. neo-Griceans
28 March 2011 (14:00-17:00, S.R.006), Monika Kopytowska (University of Łodz, Poland), guest seminar entitled Here´s the news – Journalists, distance, and news events
21 March 2011 (14:00-17:00, S.R.006), Charles Antaki (Loughborough University), guest seminar on conversation analysis, focusing on institutional settings
31 January 2011 (13:00-16:00, S.R.207), Igor Ž. Žagar (Institute of education, Ljubljana, and University of Maribor), guest seminar From Rhetoric to Argumentation

23 September 2010 (S.R.107):
9:30-11:00, Iwona Witczak-Plisiecka (University of Lodz, Poland), Speech act theory and pragmatics
11:30-13:00, Iwona Witczak-Plisiecka (University of Lodz, Poland), Legal discourse
15:00-16:30, Rūta Marcinkevičienė (Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania),The language of war

3 July 2009, (13:30-17:00, S.R.011), try-out presentations by  Roel Coesemans, Liesbeth Michiels, Isabel Gomez Diez, Jesse Mortelmans, Stefanie Peeters, Matylda Weidner, Jan Zienkowski in preparation of the 11th International Pragmatics Conference, Melbourne, July 12-17.
4 March 2009, (16:00-17:30, S.R.Annex), Yan Huang (University of Auckland, New Zealand), Pragmatic intrusion into what is said: explicature, pragmatically enriched 'said', implicIture or implicature?

5 May 2008,  (16:00-17:30, S.S.-1.07), Jenny Cook Gumperz (University of California at Santa Barbara), The discourse of educational assessment
30 April 2008, (16:00-17:30, S.R.Annex), Rūta Marcinkevičienė (Kaunas, Lithuania),Generic shift in post-Soviet Lithuanian dailies
28 April 2008,  (16:00-17:30, S.R.212), John Gumperz (emeritus, University of California at Berkeley), Linguistic anthropology and discourse level understanding: The case of German spelling reform
28 April 2008, (14:00-15:30, S.R.212), Baudouin Dupret (CNRS, Paris), Media, wars, and identities: Broadcasting islam, muslims, and the Middle East
10 April 2008 (16:00-17:30, S.R.Annex), Isabel Gómez DiezInteraction in Belgian asylum application hearings
7 April 2008, (14:00-15:30, S.S.-1.07), Mónica Aznárez (Australian National University), Discursive patterns in Spanish TV talk shows
21 March 2008 (16:00-17:30, S.R.Annex), Sigurd D’hondtThe cultural defense as courtroom drama
12 March 2008, Masterclass Urban multilingualism & intercultural communication(S.R.007):
9:00 -10:00: Flexible bilingualism in complementary schools (Angela Creese, University of Birmingham)
10:15-11:20: Multilingualism in the city, community and diaspora (Roxy Harris & Ben Rampton, King’s College London)
10 March 2008, (14:00-15:30, S.S.-1.07), Ana Deumert (University of Cape Town),Public signage and multilingualism (‘linguistic landscaping research’, with examples from Australia an South Africa)

20 December 2007, (16:00-17:30, R006), Stefanie Peeters, Data session Metaphors and media: The use of metaphors and the construction of news items in the french news coverage on the suburban riots
29 November 2007, (16:00-17:30, R006), Eline VersluysThe discursive construction of identities in the multilingual setting of suburban Dakar
8 November 2007, (16:00-17:30, R006), Jan Zienkowski, Data session Searching for ideologically motivated patterns in publicly accessible and elicited discourse: The case of evolving political identities among the Moroccan population of Antwerp
25 October 2007, (16:00-17:30, R006), Inés Olza MorenoReflections on the use of metaphors in media and political communication: Metaphors related to the Spanish ‘peace process’

10 January 2006, (16:00, R-Annex), Daisy Jiang Hui, working title The rhetorical-pragmatic study of metadiscourse in Chinese and English research articles
7 December 2006, (16:00, R-Annex), Carmen Curcó, working title Discourse identity and code switching in a Catalan community in Mexico: cognitive, social and pragmatic issues
6 December 2006, (12:30, D.015), Eva Palmans, doctoral seminar on her work on media in Burundi (presentation in French)
29 November 2006, (16:00, R-Annex), Matylda Weidner, working title New perspectives on doctor-patient interaction 
8 November 2006, (16:00, R-Annex), Inés Olza, working title Metapragmatic metaphors (in Spanish and other languages): Results and prospects