Pragmatics ONLINE - e-ISSN 2406-4238
Using the possibilities of online publishing, Pragmatics is available in the following manner:
  • paper copies are sent to subscribing libraries (for which also a system of online IP-access is available)
  • discount members get online access
  • full-paying members have a choice between online access (regular fee) or online access + a paper copy (for a higher membership fee)
  • online access is given free of charge to non-paying individual members in countries with serious currency restrictions
Moreover, after an embargo period of 12 months during which online access is only available for members (whether discount, full-paying or non-paying) and subscribing libraries (with IP-access), all published materials are placed in open access. NEW! 

In partnership with John Benjamins Publishing Company, an open-access archive for all issues of Pragmatics (volumes 1 through 24) is now available at  the John Benjamins website.
As of 2017, John Benjamins Publishing Company will handle all production and distribution. But nothing changes in the arrangements listed above.

  are available to members and subscribing libraries. Members can no longer access them through this site. They are invited to (re)register as soon as possible at

THE ARCHIVE IN OPEN ACCESS is made available through the John Benjamins website. For access to the archives of IPrA Papers in Pragmatics (the presursor to Pragmatics, published from 1987 to 1990, edited by Alessandro Duranti and Bambi Schieffelin; ISSN 2406-419X, e-ISSN 2406-4246), also visit the John Benjamins website.