11th Conference (2009 Melbourne) 
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11th International Pragmatics Conference

SPECIAL THEMEDiversity, context, and structure
The conference is open to ALL OTHER PRAGMATICS-RELATED TOPICS as well (where pragmatics is conceived broadly as a cognitive, social, and cultural perspective on language and communication). 
Plenary lecturers:
     - Peter SUTTON (University of Adelaide and South Australian Museum; title: "Giving away language: Praxis versus ideology in the loss of linguistic diversity")
     - Janet HOLMES (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; title: "Whose perspective counts?  Sociopragmatics and identity construction at work")
     - Kasia JASZCZOLT (University of Cambridge, UK; title: "Speaking about time: Contextual inferences and pragmatic defaults")
     - Yasuhiro KATAGIRI (Future University - Hakodate, Japan; topic areas: dialogue structure and processes, human-computer interaction, AI, crosscultural comparison)
     - Ingrid PILLER (Macquarie University, Australia; title: "Language learning, multilingualism and social inclusion") -- for a recording, see http://www.languageonthemove.com/conferences.html

CONFERENCE CHAIR: Keith ALLAN (Monash University)
LOCAL SITE COMMITTEE:  The other members of the Local Site Committee are:  Marisa CORDELLA (Monash University), Nicholas EVANS (University of Melbourne/Australian National University, Canberra), Zosia GOLEBIOWSKI (Deakin University), Heinz Leo KRETZENBACHER (University of Melbourne), Randy LaPOLLA (LaTrobe University), Anna MARGETTS (Monash University), Howard NICHOLAS (LaTrobe University), Gillian WIGGLESWORTH (University of Melbourne), Lynda YATES (LaTrobe University)
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE COMMITTEE: In addition to the members of the Local Site Committee, the International Conference Committee  includes: Keiko ABE (Tokyo), Michael BAMBERG (Worcester, MA), Josie BERNICOT (Poitiers), Helmut GRUBER (Vienna), Sachiko IDE (Tokyo; ex officio as IPrA President), Alexandra JAFFE (Long Beach), Bonnie McELHINNY (Toronto), Michael MEEUWIS (Ghent), Jacob MEY (Odense), Jan-Ola ÖSTMAN (helsinki), Marina SBISÀ (Trieste), Anna-Brita STENSTRÖM (Bergen), Jef VERSCHUEREN (Antwerp; ex officio as IPrA Secretary General), Yorick WILKS (Sheffield), John WILSON (Belfast)