14th International Pragmatics Conference 
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Just before the 14th International Pragmatics Conference in Antwerp, ICLA will organize its 13th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference in Newcastle, England (20-25 July 2015). See www.northumbria.ac.uk/iclc13.

Note that the conference in Antwerp will start in early afternoon on 26 July 2015. Plan your travel carefully if you are attending both events. If you can leave Newcastle in the afternoon of the 25th, you can still reach Antwerp the same day. A quick look at the possibilities (checked a year in advance, so that details may have changed by the time you need them!):
-          By train,  Newcastle- London Kings Cross (14:59-17:51), London St Pancrass-Brussels (19:04-22:08), Brussels-Antwerp (22:32-23:22)
-          By plane, Newcastle-Amsterdam (13:15-15:35), then by train Amsterdam-Antwerp (18:31-19:28); OR Newcastle-London (15:50-17:05), London-Brussels (20:00-22:05), then by train to Antwerp (22:36-23:18 or with one stop 23:04-23:52) or by bus (23:00-23:45)
-          For anyone travelling by car there is of course a useful ferry overnight from Hull to Rotterdam or Zeebrugge