14th International Pragmatics Conference 
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All panel & lecture rooms will be equipped with

  • a data projector (with sound equipment)
  • a PC running on Windows 7, with┬áMS Office 2007
  • an internet connection

Older equipment (such as overhead projectors, cassette and video recorders) will not be available.
Apple/Mac laptops can be connected, but presenters will have to bring their own adaptor cables. Since Mac adaptors tend to change according to the model of the computer, make sure to bring the correct one.
If you want to use your own laptop (of any kind), it is always wise to test beforehand.

Poster boards fit A0-size posters (= maximum 841 x 1189 mm).
The boards will be available for putting up posters from Monday, 27 July, onwards. They can stay up all week. Authors are expected to be present at their poster during the poster period on Thursday afternoon.

Wireless internet access will be available free of charge; all registered participants will receive an access code (printed on their badge).

Do NOT count on copying facilities. Participants using handouts should bring a sufficient supply.