15th International Pragmatics Conference 
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China Pragmatics Conference
The Fifteenth China Pragmatics Conference The Fifteenth China Pragmatics Conference organized by China Pragmatics Association (CPrA) will be held in Beijing Normal University, August 16-19, 2017.
The theme of this conference is “Pragmatics and the Chinese Language”, with a view to promoting pragmatic studies of the Chinese language and advancing the theorizing of Chinese pragmatics. 
Abstract Submission: The deadline for submitting abstracts (for panels, individual lectures and posters)is October 31, 2016. Abstracts are supposed to be around 200 words in English. Abstracts for panels are to be submitted to the Email box of the panel organizers as well as the conference Email box (cpracn@163.com). Abstracts of papers for individual lectures and posters are to be sent to the conference Email box only (cpracn@163.com).
Conference languages:  Chinese and English  
Conference website: www.cpra.com.cn  Conference Email: cpracn@163.com
III EDiSo International Symposium
Conference websiteIII EDiSo International Symposium
Barcelona, 28-30 June 2017
Inequality and new social discourses
The increase in social imbalances in the past decade as a result of economic crises and policies means that inequality is a blistering topic in public debate at a regional, national and international level. Within a context of rapid social change, discourse studies offer a multidisciplinary approach contributing to awareness, understanding, description and eventual combatting of old and new dynamics of inequality. Depending on the perspectives adopted and the traditions engaged with (sociology, anthropology, political sciences, law, linguistics and/or communications studies, among others), the field of discourse studies allows for a multiplicity of analytical viewpoints on complex social processes. From this multidisciplinary approach, discourse studies allow crucial issues in these processes to be examined, exploring the semiotic mechanisms of representation, legitimation, resistance and circulation of inequality in multiple contexts, social practices, identities, and language(s), in management, distribution, hierarchisation, maintenance, transformation and revitalization.
Deadlines: 15 September-15 October 2016 for panels, data sessons, emerging debates; 1 November 2016-15 January 2017 for contributions to panels and individual submissions.
3rd International Training Workshop on Classroom Interaction Competence
Website: http://ditals.unistrasi.it/83/116/Seminario_CLODIS.htm
SIENA June 26-28, 2017
Università per Stranieri di Siena Piazza Rosselli 28 – 53100 Siena
Elena Monami: monami@unistrasi.it