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Travel information

Travelling to Belfast from Dublin Airport

From some places, it is much easier to get a cheap flight to Dublin than directly in to Belfast. This is definitely worth considering as travel between Dublin Airport and Belfast city centre couldn’t be easier, so long as you are happy to travel by bus/coach rather than train (there is no direct train).

You have two options:

Translink is the Northern Irish company. Roughly speaking, they run a bus every hour from Terminal 2. Some are the express service (Goldline X2) and some make 3 stops en route (Goldline X1). Ticket prices vary depending on whether you buy online or at the bus station but are in the region of £20 for a return ticket. This link will take you to the timetable and online ticket purchase:


Aircoach is a southern company which also runs an express service (Route 705 X) between Dublin Airport (Terminals 1 and 2) and Belfast city centre (also more or less one an hour) and at much the same cost: